IB B:Tox Brightening
Bubble Cleanser Set

Netweight 250 ml.

Brightening Bubble Cleanser

IB B-Tox Brightening Bubble Cleanser - Innovative new face cleanser from Korea. Change from cleanser texture to foam texture which does not need to be used foam repeatedly to wash, and it also helps to nourish and detox the skin 3 in 1 with 3 concentrated fruit extract formulas.

How to use: Press the cleanser onto the palm and rub it all over the face. To wait until it becomes a foam, then use your fingers to gently sweep over the face. Then use clean water to wash off without using foam to wash.

#ReduceWrinklesFormula - Concentrated pomegranate extract help to reduce melanin production of the skin, reduces the occurrence of melasmas, freckles, dark spots, and also contains fruit acids to exfoliate the skin to show radiance.

Brightening Bubble Cleanser : Age-Miracle


#RadiantSkinFormula - Reduce dark spots, concentrated orange extracts. By extracting vitamin C from orange. Helping the skin to be gentle and nourishing to brighten the skin.

Brightening Bubble Cleanser : Aura White


#FormulaforHydratedSkin - Concentrated watermelon extracts. To moisturize the skin. Does not make the skin dry and helps to make the skin firm.

Brightening Bubble Cleanser : Moisturizing


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