Dr.SEOULNIC Hair Detox  Set

Netweight 500 ml.

Deep cleansing hair in 1 set

Hair Detox Set

Dr.Seoulnic hair detox set is for treat your hair refresher, innovated by Korean doctor. Your scalp and hair will get healing and stronger 100%. It’ll remove toxin out from your hair. Reduce hair fall and oil scalp. Healing your hair more volume and shinning.

#Dr.Seoulnic Azulene shampoo – oil scalp control shampoo, rich extracts from natural. It helps deep clean your scalp, oil scalp control, reduce hair fall and grey hair.

Azulene Hair Shampoo

500 ml.

#Dr.Seoulnic phyto Therapy Treatment – The best treatment for extra dry hair back to volume, healthty and shining since the first time using. Easy to rinse, do not leaves any residue.

Phyto Theraphy Hair Treatment

500 ml.

#Dr.Seoulnic Azulene Tonic Hair Spray – Hair spray floral scent helps oil scalp control, make your hair soft and shining. Also reduce hair fall. Could use among the day.

Azulene Tonic Hair Spray

500 ml.

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